I need a professional organizer!!

I need someone to help me get organized!! Like I see on those home makeover shows where someone's office or house is a complete mess, and this professional organizer person comes in, assesses the mess, and brings in all their no-how and a bunch of files and organizers and a trashcan. Then they throw out a bunch of stuff, re-file things in the best way, organize the person's life, and help them get on the right way.
BUT I need someone to come in and do that with not only my office and my house but also my MIND.
Everything is so disorganized, inside and out. I have made some good attempts at making things better, like scrapping the old computer that was so messed up with mixed up files and things we didn't need, and cleaning out TONS of stuff from our house. But all over the place I am losing things, forgetting things, switches are happening really fast. Not sure what's going on in therapy because inside we can't keep track of who's been where and what's been going on.
I do know that the general theme of therapy right now is trying to get everyone inside on track and all in agreement to work on recovery. We HAVE accomplished all agreeing to work on that. Now if we could just ALL be present at one time,and if I could be informed of what's going on all the time, that would help so much and be so much less frustrating!!
But getting everyone to agree that we all need to head in the same direction (towards recovery) is, I think, a big step.
I'll write more about that later. Or whoever is around. We never know who's going to be around from one minute to the next these days.

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Hi there... I just found your blog and I am very concerned for you. If you need help, continue talking with your therapist about your issues. You can find a Professional Organizer in your area through "NAPO" -- the National Association of Professional Organizers. They have different specialties so look and screen carefully. Also the TV shows are NOT organizing reality-- they have dozens of workers spending a total of hundreds of hours to get those homes in order. The changes are so fast, that I doubt homeowners rarely "make it stick" for any length of time. Also if you feel your disorganization is "chronic," then log onto www.nsgcd.org - the National Study Group on Chronic Disorganzation. They have a list of resources and trained professionals that can help you. Hiring an organizer is not a replacement for therapy, but may enhance it. Best of luck to you.

Hi there sweet gal,

Well I'm really glad to hear that all of you have agreed to work on moving forward together. I'm saddended that switching is going on so much and you don't feel informed or in control.
Baby steps sweet gal, and you'll all get there!
Love ya, Judy

I stumbled across your blog doing organizing research. I urge you to look into www.flylady.net for the solution to your disorganization. They can help! Good luck!

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