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Last night we had a bomb dropped on us at work.
Let me tell you, if you ever have an administrator start a staff meeting with "I have some bad news to tell you," RUN SCREAMING FROM THE ROOM. Don't stay even if he has already passed out a few nice bowls of snacks designed to keep you happily munching. Just RUN.

My school is in chaos. Um... AGAIN. School has been in for 6 weeks, and we are once again back to SQUARE ONE. For about the 4th time. I work in a WONDERFUL district and a totally amazing school. I even wrote a letter to 1st Lady Laura Bush bragging to her about my school and how great it is.

We have some new staff this year. And low enrollment. And we are losing teachers. Even with children from Hurricane Katrina registering, our enrollment is still low. So.... the principal (new guy) has ONCE AGAIN changed the master schedule. Six weeks into school.

A lot of this has occurred because a school in our district, which has money and supportive parents, has complained a lot about not having enough teachers. So they are getting ours, basically. They make more noise, and they have money, and they're parents (who have money) help them make noise. So they get what they want. Our school is in an impoverished neighborhood, with very poor parents who are drug addicted and just trying to make ends meet. They're too busy trying to feed their children to make much noise.
This isn't, of course, what we tell the parents. What we tell the parents is, "The other school needs our help, so of course, we're happy to help."

Starting Monday, we're all starting ALL OVER AGAIN. Speech, PE, ART, Music, planning periods, and every other class, is ALL changed. So we have to come up with alternate schedule plan B. Or plan F. Or G. Things have changed so much that I forget what plan we're on by now.

I have ONE day to come up with a new, workable schedule. No pressure or anything.

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Wow, sorry 'bout the work stuff. Sounds totally unfair and biased!
My sis teaches 6th grade at a public middle school. She did love it, but already this year the administration has done so many things without teacher's being advised, invasions of teacher/parent email by district personnel!, and a total disregard for the teachers. Sis is ready to leave public school teaching all together. But she loves TEACHING and the kids. HATES the ADMIN.
Wishing you better days.
Love ya, Judy

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