D.I.D. support group

i am not going back to group anymore. i can't take it.
i dont have the money for gas to drive half an hour into another city to sit there and listen to the same people talk about the same thing month after month after month. everyone there talks about problems with social security and being on disability. Its a two hour long group, and at each group, I've noticed that about 15-20 minutes is actually spent discussing D.I.D-related issues. Out of 2 hours. I wish one of the therapists would guide group a little bit. Teach us some things. Like coping skills. Or something. I dont know what. But I can't afford the money any longer to go all that way to sit there and listen to the same thing week after week after week and then hear maybe 15 minutes of something that might be helpful. And I ca n't speak up. It seems that whenever I do try to say something about myself, someone else in the group comes up with something to trump it. Like, "well you're having that little problem, well I've got a BIGGER ONE-- and let me interrupt now and tell everyone about it and start getting emotional and take over group now".
i cant compete with that, nor do i want to.
what i have to say doesn't matter.
i might as well not even open my mouth.

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Hi, I actually have finally decided to go to a group so that I wouldnt be the only one in the room experiencing this. I was sort of hoping that it would help me feel less isolated, and more willing to pay attention to facets I tend to automatically distract myself from. Do keep sharing about your group experiences, I do appreciate your perspective.
Thanks, Byte

sometimes, its the continues exposure to the people who experience the same thing we experience is the one that help us.

I was in an MPD group for about 8 years and loved it; the T kept us very structured and on track, otherwise it woulda been awful. I am grateful for the years in it; also was part of a very unstructured group and it was hideous.

I just wish there was a support group near me!

I just recently have come to terms that like my father, I too have DID.

The disorder ultimately led to the end of my relationship with someone I love, so much.

I'm struggling to find help, because I feel the only help might be to just kill myself.

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