Making plans for the New Year & the Emancipation Proclamation

We've come to some realizations as we make plans to usher in 2006.
Some of which my therapist has challenged us to ponder and write down and study as the new year comes in.
It sounds and feels unbelievable, but inside, we are finally starting to change.
Finally starting to realize that some of the beliefs that we grew up with... are just wrong. That some of the things that we were taught... were lies. That our best interests were not always in the minds of caretakers. That some people in our lives, even though we put them on pedestals and worshipped them as gods as we were children, were really just clueless and inept. That many times, even as a child, I knew better what was right than the people did who were supposed to be keeping me safe and teaching me right from wrong.
This makes our heart incredibly heavy.
But at the same time... it feels like.... [searching for words]...maybe, possibly, perhaps, there is a crack in the wall letting a small ray of light in the blackness we've been living in our whole lives.
Its my challenge for this weekend as the New Year comes in to begin to write down some sort of Emancipation Proclamation. To hopefully begin a foundation for some new beliefs that we can establish for ourselves.

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