Positives about everyone inside

We saw on someone’s website… they were describing all their inside people. In POSITIVE, nice ways. That’s an odd idea.
We have been too wrapped up in talking about each other like our families talk about each other-- negative. And griping.An idea just occurred to us that maybe other families don’t do this.
So here is something we’re going to try to do: write down everyone (maybe… there are people that are not talked about) and talk about them in a POSITIVE way.
Mae-- she is innocent and likes to share. She likes to give things away to people. She donated all kinds of her things to Hurricane Katrina victims and she loves to make boxes of gifts for orphans at Christmastime. Mae is eager to learn about new things and when she learns something new, mostly she does better. She is doing a lot better about talking, doesn’t tear things up very much anymore, doesn’t cut or burn or throw up anymore unless its something really really big that’s bothering her. That’s a lot of progress.
Tuck-- he is a good boy and likes helping out the girls. He is strong and brave and smart. He likes to try new things.
Claire-- she is good at being quiet and patient. She is really good at taking care of animals and waiting her turn and really, really good at watching out to make sure things are safe. She is really really patient. She’s been waiting her turn to talk in therapy for a couple years and hasn’t complained at all. Its her job to wait patiently and she’s good at it.
Twins-- they are smart. They like to help us out and help people. One is sad and one is happy but they’re always together. They like to do handwriting, spelling, and math.
Missy-- she is strong and a good speaker. She isn’t afraid of anything. Missy can deal with lots of people, even bullies. She’s good at making decisions when the rest of us can’t make one. She keeps things organized and she can always find her stuff.
Pilgrim-- she is loyal to people and patient with kids. She watches everything around her to try to figure out what to do. She can see both sides of an issue so it helps her relate to other people .
Jo-- she tries to make sure things are consistent so we have a sense of stability. She knows that it makes us scared when things change. Jo tries to help out by trying to make time stand still and hide and be safe so we don’t get hurt more.
The other kids-- well they can be fun and silly, like Blue who doesn’t come out front anymore, and Jadie, who can’t come out except at home because she shouldn’t be around real people, they just like to color or play dolls or play with play dough, and it is kind of funny when they misunderstand things and take things literally.
Carolineine-- she is good at being around people and comforting others and knows what to say to people. And she can think about big things that some of us don’t understand at all.

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