Progress in therapy

I've been thinking about progress I've made since I've been in therapy, so I started making a list.
Here is what I've come up with so far this morning:
(It's not complete yet-- I'll add more as I think of it):

Gone from exercising 4 hours a day to 45 minutes/day 4x a week
From Eating 200 calories a day to about 900-1000 calories a day
Gone from purging several times a week to about 2x a month (if that?)
Eating healthier
Gained weight (which I am NOT HAPPY ABOUT!! IN FACT I AM QUITE BOTHERED BY IT!) but everyone says that I needed to
Unknown screaming in my head now at least have names and are TALKING
Mae is no longer wandering around dark tunnels yelling “Mom?” and crying
Everyone inside is working together better
I handle visits home with my family LOTS better which is a huge deal
Gone from cutting several times a week to a few times a month
Started talking to my sister and we ended up with a really good relationship (this is the BEST one!!)
don’t cry over food any more
Fewer nightmares, flashbacks, body memories
Learned a lot of coping skills (although I need a lot more practice)
Learned to stick up for myself
Learned how to talk to people (although I still have a lot more to learn)
used my coping skills to get out of a workplace that I HATED by standing up to my a$$hole boss and finding another job in a GREAT place that I love :)

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hi there, i stumbled on this entry here. i thought that maybe reading over it again might help you know that you can reach move past this point you're at with your eating disorder. it seems that you made progress here. it is sometimes good to remember old successes so that we can confirm that our ability to progress and improve.

smiles to you, Austin
can i suggest something? maybe you could write down something each day about what you did to positively effect the ED. like if you put off purging for a longer time or if you didnt cry as long or anything at all that is progress in this issue maybe it write it down so that you know what your baby steps are. this why they aren't obscure, they're in black and white and that sometimes makes them more real. its concrete instead of abstract when we write it down.
anyway, i hope you are managing right now.
until again, Austin

Thank you Austin. I think that's a good idea, and I'm going to do that. I think it'll help.

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