Inpatient, Inpatient, Inpatient, and major frustration

All my therapist seems to want to talk about is getting me into a treatment center. All I want to talk about is staying OUT of one. We are definitely at odds.
I need to talk about a lot of things, but she thinks it isn't therapeutic unless I can get through everything FIRST w/out doing ANY eating disorder stuff OR self-injury stuff. All of a sudden, these things are the big issue. I do not know why.
I want to scream.

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It just depends on how much SI you're doing and if you are putting yourself in real danger...if she's concerned because you are doing superficial cuts then in my psych patient opinion her major worry is displaced but if you're cutting deep and causing serious, serious harm then I understand her concern. I cut myself and my therapist use to really run that subject into the ground. I told her that sometimes that what I need to do to get myself back. It's a coping skill for me. but if all your coping skills are ED, SI and things along those lines then your therapist may be right to be concerned about you digging into further issues that you will also have trouble handling. maybe, and this is just a thought from an outsider, but maybe she wants to keep the stress at a minumum so that you can handle what is already on your plate. adding new items might overwhelm you and she may fear she will lose you. she may fear that it will be too much for you to start new therapy projects...this is just my immediate thought. i'm not there to see or hear why she does what she does. what i am here to do is tell you that people you do not even know care weather you make it or not. people you dont even know want you to not hurt at the level you are hurting at now. so when you feel alianated come to your journal and those very people will be behind the screen smiling and supporting, crying with you and laughing with you.
keep going pilgrim...keep're not doing this pilgramage alone.

Thank you.

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