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I barely know where to start with an update for this week. My life is always an adventure. I'm sitting here after a pretty lousy day and trying to find an upside to it (it's over with! things could have been worse!). My therapist told me the other day that she's worried about me, that she fears that she's running out of time with me. Read: she thinks I'm going to die before we can save me. She is pushing me harder and harder to work at recovery more. I am TRYING. But TRYING doesn't cut it. What is it that Yoda says? "Do, or do not. There is no try. I HAVE to work harder. I have to stick to my meal plan, no matter what. I have to talk to people, no matter what. We have to work together inside, no matter what. I have to stay conscious of what is going on around me, no matter what. We have to stop the self injury, no matter what. This week I feel like a real loser. Things aren't going very well at work. I have also been sick.
So our plan is to keep sticking to our meal plan (it's been 6 days so far), to keep from cutting (it's been....hm...about 2 weeks I think), and to keep working together inside and not argue so much. We have a lot of homework from our therapist to do. And at work, well, hopefully tomorrow will be a better day.

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