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Since my therapist is so intent that I need to be in a treatment center, on a whim I e-mailed a few places in various places around the United States to ask about treatment costs, whether they take insurance (which of course, my insurance, United Health Care SUCKS) , and just some general questions. AND OF COURSE, MOST PLACES DONT WORK WITH MY INSURANCE, the places I asked into don't offer any sorts of scholarships or help, and GET THIS--- the place with the best treatment costs $44,000 for 30 days.
THAT IS MORE MONEY THAN I MAKE IN A YEAR AT WORK. Fuck this. I am just going to have to get better on my own no matter how hard it is.

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hey pilgrim,

i also have united healthcare and they do suck. but there is always more to it than just emailing places. it is horribly time grueling (as you know) and requires the advocacy of your therapist with the insurance company. and a lot of talking with the hospital. i do wonder what place you are referring to when you say the "best treatment." please email me or pm me if you are willing to tell me. i know places over here on the east coast and i have friends in different areas that have been around. i don't think there is no hope for you. i'm just trying to be helpful.

take care

Pilgrim, Sometimes the "best" places aren't so great for some. Sometimes, just being in a safe environ
ment, even if it's not a
specialized program, is better than continuing to harm. Most of my hospitaliza
tions weren't beneficial therapy-wise, but they did break the cycle of self-abuse. Some "famous" centers were no better and the arrogance of the "best" in the country left me feeling unheard and under-
treated. And some local hospitals have great, talented, insightful staff that can be helpful. Our local activity therapists were far better than those at more prestigious places. Just get safe. Get safe, first, then work on the stuff. Take care and may God be with you. The Real Me

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