Dream World of dissociation

Between feeling extremely unsafe, too much pressure in my head from a never-ending sinus infection, Mae being upset, and being exhausted, I cannot stop dissociating today. Even when I try to. I keep dissociating. I feel like I'm in a dream world. I dont even have to close my eyes. Everything feels unreal. My inner ear is messed up because of the infection, and so I'm constantly feeling "wavy" and off balance the past few days. It feels like gravity is pressing on me really heavily. Everything seems far away and down a tunnel. Or wavy and unreal. Its like being in a dream I can't wake up from.

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I've been in a dissociative dream since last week I think. I can't even feel my body anymore. I don't know how to get back. I need to get back.

hang in there!!you're brilliant and you can get through this. much love and support, always, sarah xoxoxoxoxoxoxox

Pilgrim, It is so encouraging to read your diaries and know that I am not alone. You write so well of the day to day life we DID people experience. I feel as if we could be friends. Barbraage8 is my screen name, but also one of my "littles." She can really relate to Mae. Looks at her like a younger cousin. Barbra would like to encourage Mae, but I'm not sure how to navigate this site yet. I'm learning, and will keep in touch as able.
Barbra says to tell Mae that she is very important and that if big people forget that she needs to talk, it's not Mae's fault. Barbra says to draw a picture to speak for her, if she can.
The Real Me

Hi kiddo, I've just read your whole diary..wow what a life you have..hang in there your world will get better for you i just know it..
In peace and Love re
from australia..big hugs from me to you..take care of yourself.

Tabi, Yes I would mention it to the dr. if I were you. It could be important-- and your doctor needs to know everything that's going on in order to treat you correctly.

I have been feeling this huge pressure "on" my head,and i cant take it anymore. i have been taking some over the counter medicine and its not working, i dont know what it is....today i went to my school nurse and she said that i have signs of a sinus infection...what are other symptoms of sinus infection? and how do you know when its severe?

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