Looks good on the outside.

Its almost Easter and this is supposed to be a time of celebration and Spring and new life. But all I seem to be able to feel right now is hopelessness.
Maybe its just being tired. Maybe its just because Spring Break is still 2 weeks away. Maybe because I'm ready for summer.
There are no events in my life that are really going WRONG. Work is going well. Extremely busy and stressful, but still going WELL.
My sister is pregnant. Another joyful thing. True, I'm worried til I make myself sick over her because she has pre-eclampsia and I'm terrified something bad is going to happen and what am I going to do if my sister ever dies on me? She's the only friend I have. But gosh-- she's pregnant, and that's a good thing.
I have Good Friday off of work. That means I get to sleep in. Take Mae to the park, if she stops crying long enough to play. Maybe do some artwork.
I have been sticking to my meal plan.
That is all on the outside.

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Hi there,
I know the frustration and the anger that comes when someone says they only want to talk to one person and not the others. It's like, how dare you dismiss anyone inside in either word or action.

I was wondering if you were able to ask your therapist what the point of it was and why things changed as far as her support of you.

I feel ya though, I'd be pissed big time.

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