Working together in therapy today

Therapy was much better today. Everyone who wanted to talk to our T, got to talk. We took turns and worked together. Mae, Pilgrim, and Jo all got to talk to our therapist, and the switching all blended together much more smoothly. Mae wanted so much to even just say hi. Luckily she had a little bit of homework she could talk about with our therapist today, so she got to do that for a little bit. We have all been working on reframing our old thoughts into new thoughts and changing old unhealthy behaviors into new, healthier behaviors. That is the main focus of therapy right now. So Mae had some time to discuss that. And when her turn was over, she gave our T a hug and then went on her way, instead of making a fuss. For Mae, that is a lot of progress. Hopefully she will be able to do that from now on. It makes things run so much more smoothly! Jo got to talk to our T about feeling like she wanted to kill herself last week, and why she hangs on to the eating disorder and cutting so hard. She just doesn't feel like she has anything to take its place. It keeps her company because she is always alone. She feels like even God doesn't want her. They listened to some music and talked a little about God. Jo is feeling like she was heard tonight. Its very hard for her to talk about God but tonight she was brave enough to handle the discussion for a few minutes. Thats progress.
We have a lot more homework to do for next week.

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Hi hi, well, i have a couple of questions, if you donĀ“t feel like answering them, its ok and receive my apologies for disturbing you that way.

Why does Jo hurt herself?
Why did Mae use to be sad all the time?

Jo hurts herself for a lot of reasons... mostly because she can't talk about what's going inside of her. She keeps everything "bad" on the inside, and cuts to get all the bad stuff out.

Mae was sad all the time because of all the bad things that happened to her and because no one knew she existed.

try to cheer up!!!

Gee... THANKS, Jim.... now why didn't I think of that?


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