Bad memories floating away in a balloon

Therapy has been intense lately.
Tonight I came home and I'm exhausted.
Mae tried to take our T some new crayons that she bought her but they melted in the car :( But they did open the box in therapy today and look at all the pretty colors blended together.
Then Mae talked about this thing that we used to see... this video... that someone in the family had. We would see it sometimes. It was terrible and showed terrible things. I'm not going to ever, ever talk about it with anyone besides our T. We still have the nightmare images in front of our eyes.
Our T talked to her about how she can imagine the images or on a TV, and Mae can turn the knob on the TV herself until the tv picture fades to all white. Then she can imagine herself taking the tv outside, filling it up with helium, and it turns into a balloon. Then the balloon goes up,up,up in the air, floats away, with all the bad pictures, and in a little bit she hears a POP, and all the memories pop into a billion little pieces and go away. I think it will help Mae. Mae was so tired. T gave her a hug and rocked her back and forth on the couch. Mae got so tired. I talked for a little bit but it was about the same topic. It was too hard. I disappeared after a little bit too. Its been a rough night. I dont know... there are so many things I dont want to remember.

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I think I know which video you might be talking about, or maybe I saw a different one. It haunts me. I can only remember bits and pieces, but it was awful. I feel so bad that Mae has to remember that. I hope that the mental imagery of the balloon will help her. How terrible.

Your Sis

Last week our therapist said to imagine a stop sign when these thoughts come up.
Our therapy has been rough as well. we've been so out of touch with most blogs but you've been on our mind for a few days now so we decided to stop by.
We might not be around as often but we will come by as often as we can okay? Stuff is kinda crazy right now and like you therapy is a bit intense.

talk to you later,
balloons and stop signs
The People Behind My Eyes

our littles said to tell Mae hi and they are thinking of her. they like to put bad stuff in suitcases and put them in the water over in the river by us and watch the suitcases float downstream until they sink in the river, gone forever.

gentle hugs to all of you

keepers, big and small

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