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YouTube seems to be one of the biggest crazes lately, and I spend a lot of time zoning out to various videos there when I need to just relax. They have a bunch of rather stupid videos that they say are on multiple personalities, but are actually just making fun of it-- which is pretty typical, and not surprising. However, there is one video there that is fairly new, and it actually is fairly good. I wanted to share it. It has a quite good representation of what DID is like for ME. Note that I am not saying that this is what its like for everyone or all multiples or anything like that... I am saying that this is something that I've found that has the best representation available so far of what its like for ME to have inside people, and how things are like inside my head. It also has a little twist at the very end which I thought was quite clever.
INSIDE on YouTube
Let me know what you think.

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wow!!! and what a twist at the end. i couldn't view sound cause i am at a hotel computer and then work and people might hear, but watching it was just amazing and i could tell what was going on. that is wild. thank you for sharing that.
i can relate to the video and the transition of people and all. gosh. stunned.

from the time i was old enough to listen to the stereo on my own i would put my head beside the speaker and turn up the volume. it was the only way i could drown all the conflicting thoughts in my head. i don't want to give the impression that i believe i have DID .. i know that i don't. but even today i sometimes have so many different things going on in my head at any one time that the only way to get relief is to drown it out with an external force, like loud music.

i thought that this might be why i was drawn to researching DID and began reading your journal. it's not me but on a small level i believed i understood the sensation.

now i see that i don't, not even in a small way. the thoughts and ideas in my head are all mine. they conflict but they don't overlap.

i had respect for the success that you've had so far. i believe that anyone that can survive a bad upbringing is incredibly strong .. someone who has done it with the added challenge of that going on in their head AND grow and teach and love and be loved is .. wow.

thanks for sharing that.


WOW is right!! so very awesome, thank you for letting us know about this!!


Excellent video!!!

Loved the ending!

That was so awesome! I never expected the ending. That is so excellent. Helps me to understand better what it's like...when your own voice can't come out because of all the others.
Your Sis

Jax quote: now i see that i don't, not even in a small way. the thoughts and ideas in my head are all mine. they conflict but they don't overlap.

OM Gawwwshh.... Ok..... thats another lightbulb moment and another Umm Ooookie moment in that yah I kinda *might* have DID. My voices (when theyre talking to me and not sulking!)
Overlap with eachother...

Umm is that not like that for everyone then? Umm I guess not. Like when I listen to my inner voice... I guess it doesnt overlap... it can conflict but not overlap... However, when i listen to the others if we're not careful and or polite then.. yeah. it overlaps.


Thanks for that. And thanks for the Orig post P

Wowee think i might tell my GP that next time i see him.

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