A Bright spot in my day.

This is Carolineine.
Today was overwhelming with the arrival of a new child in our class but there was one giant good spot which really brightened my day.
Today one of my old kids came back.
He is almost 7 now so he's too big to be in my class anymore (which really is a good thing because he is VERY wild) but I got to SEE him which is something I've been wishing for, for about 3 years.
He is autistic and I got him the day he turned 3, he didn't talk and the 1st time he ever said anything was when he looked at me and called me "Mama", and he let me rock him all the time and hold him even when he wouldn't let anyone else get near him. But then because of his home situation he disappeared after a few months.
That broke my heart. I was worried about him so much-- that he wouldn't be safe, or not well fed, or that he might get hit by a car or something.
You know, I always think that kids aren't going to be safe enough unless its ME watching them.
Well there was a rumor going around LAST year that he was coming back, but he never showed. But today he and his dad showed up at work, and registered him for 1st grade and that age's special ed class.
. And I got to SEE him, and talk to his dad. I feel like crying right now because I finally got to see my sweet boy again (oddly, I am the only one who thought this wild child was "sweet"), and he smiled at me and jumped around, so I think he remembers me. I missed him so much, although I do admit that I am a bit glad he is too old for my classroom now (I only take up to 5 year olds ) because I'm already up to 15 children and I've got more on the way. But I am SO happy that I got to see him. He is so tall and so handsome, and I've been SO worried about him. He looks the same only just so tall, and he is still so beautiful to me.I keep thinking how I used to rock him to calm him down. Its so rare that I get to find out what happens to any of my kids. And now I know that he is ok. AND he is right back here in our school. Its such a relief.

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another one of those little blessings that comes our way and brightens our day, so happy for you.


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