New Years Goals

Well I'm completely exhausted and worn out, which can only mean one thing... tomorrow I go back to work. One of these days, my "vacations" are truly going to be vacations. I haven't had a day off yet on this particular Christmas vacation. From the moment it started I was running off to the airport and waiting in lines, then visiting my family and keeping busy with them. I came back home and I've been trying to catch up on all the things I should have been doing over Christmas-- school work and house work. There is still so much more to do but I'm out of time, and tomorrow teachers have to be back at work. The kids come back on Wednesday.
I hope I can make it through this week with my eyes open.
Hopefully tomorrow I'll have therapy like I'm supposed to. I can't wait to talk to my therapist about everything that's gone on the past 2 weeks.

So, all of us inside have been thinking about things we want to accomplish in the next year. We want some goals to be easy (to keep us encouraged to keep going) and some to be challenging (to make us work hard). Here are just a few ideas that are bouncing around among us:

1. Make smarter eating choices. Such as, no more starving, purging, or eating disorder stuff. This is a REALLY hard one. Eat more healthy foods like fruits, veggies, milk, and juice (instead of living off diet Coke, chocolate, and Excedrin). Lose weight!! I looked better at 105 pounds and felt better. I have just 10 more pounds or so to get there.
2. Clean and organize the house 1 room at a time (January--the kitchen; February-- the living room; March--the office; April--the bedroom; May-- the bathrooms; June and July--the kids' playroom). This one will be hard too.
3. Stop watching Twilight Zone marathons after 9 pm. They freak us all out.
4. Continue to keep on exercising several times a week.
5. Don't go to the doctor unless I am 1)bleeding from an eyeball or 2)have a bone jutting out from my skin. We cannot afford the damn insurance anymore, and definitely cannot afford doctor bills; the insurance people suck and keep giving us a hard time.
6. Take turns talking better in therapy. Organize ourselves inside more efficiently and make better use of our time . This one will be one of the hardest things.
7. BE GOOD. This covers all of us. Just be good. Keep my mouth shut, be nice, say nice things, do everything i'm supposed to, play nice, do everything well. Just BE GOOD.

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