Yoga, College, School, and Stress

So much goes on every day that its hard to think about what to ever say on the days I have time to write.
I've been doing yoga on the days that I have time in an effort to help de-stress a little bit and am going to look online to see if I can find a yoga class around here. It'd be scary to go into a class and be around people, but maybe I could meet some people, and maybe learn to relax my body a little bit too.
We're debating whether or not to go back to school for our Master's degree. It isn't really worth it monetarily for teachers because we'll pay a lot more for the degree than we will ever get in pay raises. But if we ever decide to do more than work in a classroom, we will need it. The thing is that some inside WANT to, some definitely do NOT want to, and some think that we SHOULD. Because the undergraduate years were fairly dissociative and unpleasant, there are plenty of reasons to not go back, but because we're all in the process of becoming more hopeful about the future and wanting to try harder and more challenging things we also want to take on bigger projects, such as graduate school. Its a big decision that we keep tossing around and can't figure out what to do (yet).
Everything must be done by committee. There is no room for individuals to just go out and do what we want even though that's what each of us wants more than anything.
Work is also just crazy these days. Its just this time of year. Every year in the late winter, we go a bit nuts. Things will even out in the spring when the sun comes out every day again.
Things are stressful on me right now because I'm trying to take care of everyone and the day to day to day to day of it, taking care of Mae and Jo and all of the kids, then taking care of my class, and taking care of other people too. Jo has been suicidal for a couple of weeks, and so the rest of us are stressed as she keeps trying to deal with her intense feelings and the rest of us deal with her own things. It all just seems like too much. Especially at work, where at this time of year where more paperwork and more demands keep being pushed on teachers, and nothing lets up. Our tension headaches are happening every day and we're not sleeping well.
Everyone inside needs to work together more and harder somehow. Somehow we have to find the wherewithall inside to do more and harder and faster and better. Somehow. Because this still isn't good enough.

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just passing to tell you sorry I did not write back...I also had a crazy week, talk about coincidence...
Hope you will sleep better.
Will write soon.

Kris from Quebec

you are so right about the need for everyone to cooperate within and to work together. Once that begins to happen is when you will see some real forward movement. It will happen for you, we know.


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