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May 30, 2007

When the doctor says "You're too skinny."

This entry really isn't so much about everyone's opinions this is just me wondering out loud.
Last time I went to the doctor, recently, he told me I was too skinny and needed to gain some weight.
He doesn't know I have had an eating disorder almost all my life.
What do I do with that information?
Since he doesn't know, he's probably not trying to manipulate me.
People at work who don't know either, say that to me a lot too.
But I don't know what to believe.
If I told my therapist or my nutritionist that he said that, they'd probably laugh in my face. They work with girls with eating disorders. They know LOTS of girls who are WAY thin. I am really fat compared to most girls.
What if there isn't anything to get better FROM anymore.I eat sometimes-- several times a day in fact. I don't exactly live off apples and bread anymore. Maybe I am actually still just huge.
I dont know what to think.

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