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Its after midnight but I wish so much I had someone to talk to. Last night was so rough and today was such a hard day inside that I just feel completely frazzled and worn out. And I just want someone to talk to me. Or someone to talk to. Just something. Company. Someone to watch tv with. I don't know. Anything. Tomorrow we're going to see our therapist. Thank God she had an opening. I'm so glad. It doesn't even need to be me now that goes to talk to her. I can wait til next week, its ok. Just whoever talked to her yesterday that got all worked up and started causing all these problems inside, THEY can go talk to her, I want her to help them so that inside can stop being such chaos. I got a nice e mail from T this morning that helped me feel a little better. Encouraging. I just wish I had someone to talk to right now though too... even though its the middle of the night. I am lonely.

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If you want you could make up a yahoo account just for you. I would love to e-mail or talk to you anytime. Even if it is just to keep you company.
Use it if you EVER need a friend.

Sorry it is
I forgot the numbers. lol


Even though it was never in person, I miss talking to everyone inside Pigrim. I understand that feeling of lonliness and know how hard it is to feel.

know your loneliness, and your flustration come and join my group, get the healing support you need.

and I will e-mail you the link

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