Summer Days

Today is our first actual day of summer off, on our own by ourselves. Its really nice to have days like this. We can all do what we want, when we ant to-- we have free time, and there's no one home, no place to go, no schedule to keep. There's no pressure to keep from switching. We can also change our hair and our clothes if we want to (only 3 hairstyles today so far-- 1 ponytail, 2 ponytails, and hanging down). We can talk out loud if we want to and do our own things. There's no one to notice. So far today Mae watched Sesame Street, Missy did some school work, we did some exercise and then played with our dogs, had some lunch. The kids also want to color, Tuck wants to play ball, Carolineine wants some signs made for our classroom but she is taking time off so I'm going to do it because I like art (jo), and everyone wants to work together on our scrapbook. Tuck wrote a story for Mae last night and drew her a picture. It would also be nice to take a nap later, even though we didn't wake up until 11:30 today.
Tomorrow I have a support group I have to go to... which I don't really want to, but our T talked to Mae about it the other day (the stuff we were complaining about in this journal a couple weeks ago) and now we understand much better about why we need to go, so I don't have so much of a problem with it. I'll write about that tomorrow after I go to it.

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having time for ourselfs has helped us a lot and hope it does for you too. good luck with the group you went to / going to. take care and hope to hear from you soon ...

I just got out of school last Friday. It feels so good!!!! It really gets me ready for the next school year. Even though I really love my job.:-)

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