We need to find a scale/ worried about what's going to happen next

its jo.
The new girl/old girl who's back/ whoever she is went to see our nutrionist tonight. Boy was that a disaster. She tried answering questions--we haven't been there since February. But then our nutritionist asked who she was talking to, because apparently our therapist tells her to make sure she gets an answer out of us about which person she's talking to... anyway, so that left old/new Pilgrim having to admit that she's only been back for 7 days and that she has been gone for 5 years and that she had no idea what has been going on. So now she is all humiliated and embarassed.
Anyway so... we NEED TO FIND A SCALE of our own. Because our nutritionist is all worried because we've lost "a lot of weight!" just since February and she won't tell us how much, and how she wants us to gain weight (don't think so!!) and how our weight is too low (SURE.) But she weighs us backwards so we can't see the number. But she won't TELL us even how much we weigh. Which is stupid because she knows we can just go get on a scale at school or on any other scale. Which is exactly what I plan to do tomorrow. But anyway. So now she's all worried and going to call my therapist to tell her about how this number is so low, and find out what our therapist thinks, and who knows what she will say. Everybody has been eating a lot better and even though it isn't much mostly everyone eats what they want when they want it. I still have problems sometimes but wouldn't you know it that's when one of the kids comes along and eats a spoonful of peanut butter or a hamburger. So no wonder we're still so fat.
Anyway so now I'm all scared about what our therapist is going to say.
Although our nutritionist is raising her rates, even to those of us she gives cut rates to, so we can't afford to go back anyway.
I need to find a scale. One that measures, like body fat and bmi or something. Because we have all these muscles now from lifting weights and doing Tae Bo. And our body feels strong and healthy so this whole thing about our nutritionist worrying about eating disorder stuff just seems too crazy. And who knows what our therapist is going to say. They're friends and they are probably on the phone together talking about what they're going to do to us. :(

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This is from your sister which means you can take my advice with a grain of salt. :-) But please, trust me, you are skinny. And I do mean that. I am talking over the border of "thin". I saw your pictures from when you went to that fair, and in the one photo I thought maybe the angle was wrong because you looked so dang skinny, but nope, the angle is right...you really are that dang skinny.

How about instead of getting on that scale you go to Old Navy and try on some clothes. See which size you fit into. Because the last time I visited you, we went shopping together and you were trying on 1's and 3's. And that is just so small. And based on the pictures you e-mailed me, you are even thinner that that now.

Just a thought. :-)

Your Sis
Who is now 241 pounds instead of 238

OOOH puh-leeeze. Ok so like, that was HOW many years ago that you were here and we went shopping and I wore 1's and 3's? That was BEFORE recovery even started.
I am WAY healthier (read: bigger) than I was then.
And I weighed myself this morning at school. So now I know my weight. And I have no idea why C.A. is so completely worried, because I am not in any danger zone.
And I think the main thing here should be that I FEEL healthy and I eat what I want.

Hello Jo

I think you were very brave indeed to weigh yourself at school (thought you were on holiday though?) Then if you know your height you can figure out if you are a healthy bmi (sounds like you might have done this already).

If someone knew my vital statistics and kept that from me, as your nutritionist apparently does, I'd quit that! Information is power, the power is in your own hands.

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