After 2 weeks and no word...

I really want to come back and say something wise or thrilling.
But I don't have anything.
Things have been very complicated the past week or so. You know how you just have some days when everything that can go wrong, will? That's what the past 2 weeks are like. I go to fix one thing, and another thing breaks. I try to get one thing done, and 3 or 5 more things pop up to get in the way that have to be done NOW and have a DEADLINE and require my IMMEDIATE attention... and then while I am working on those, something else happens that also needs my immediate attention. Then while I'm trying to do that, something else goes wrong, I have to fix that, and then I'm behind...
Its been pure craziness.
What I'm trying hard to do is learn to be calm inside in the midst of all this insanity. I'm not doing a very good job at it, but maybe I am getting a little bit better.

October is a hard, hard month for us. We're already having increased flashbacks because of anniversaries of things. Most of the time they are not too bad. Its mainly the stress of work that is adding to the problems right now. Our doctor gave us some new meds to try which should help with the anxiety... Klonopin. So hopefully it'll work.
We did some paintings, and that seemed to help. We've also been working on collages and other artwork.
We are trying hard to be MINDFUL... working on that a lot. Learning that thoughts are only thoughts, and don't require action. Trying to work on non-judgment of our feelings and thoughts. And being in the present moment. Those things, we hope, will help us learn to be more calm.
For all of us.

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i'm there with you on life being a constant fix it job. the last couple of weeks i haven't been very successful in doing the things that i am responsible for at work .. so busy dealing with issue after issue. it's the nature of the year for me as i work in ecommerce (retail).

hang in there .. as some wise person said once "this too shall pass".

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