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Sorry it took me so long to update this journal. We have been really sick for a few weeks now. We're just now getting back to normal.
Also, our journal (Pilgrim's Journey) isn't listed on the main health diaries home page any more. For some reason, Dissociative Identity Disorder isn't listed up there in the topics like it used to be. So if you ever want to find this journal and 1 of our entries isn't up here to link to it, please go to this link: or you can just put Pilgrim's Journey in the search up at the top of the page.
So anyway, we have been really sick for several weeks and are just now getting better...

We had to miss some work, but we're better now. October is always a really hard month for all of us for a lot of reasons. I just don't want to get into it tonight. I want to say something good that I did today.
Last night was a really really hard session with my therapist. I talked about something that was really hard for me. My therapist said I was brave. That kind of made me feel better.
Today I had something else to go to instead of work. And I was someplace on my own where I didn't know anybody. I had a lunch that Carolineine had packed for us, our usual peanut butter sandwich and stuff. But I wanted to find something more interesting, so I went to a Denny's that was nearby.
And I was looking at the menu and starting to chicken out and I was about to just leave. Because it just was way too much all of a sudden. I HATE to go out to eat. And I never ever ever go to eat by myself. And sit down in a restaurant?! no freaking WAY. So i was about to get up but then i remembered how my therapist said last night i was brave for talking... so i made myself sit. And the waitress came and i ordered a chicken sandwich. for myself. I was even really polite to her even though i was so nervous. And I made myself sit there and eat and look at a magazine and i sat there for half an hour. in an actual restaurant by myself.
i did it, even though it is october, too.
Another thing that we have all been doing a lot is artwork and collages. We're making an art journal instead of a written journal. Being artsy is helping some.
The nightmares about October and all the bad stuff that happened and everything, are still going on and are still hard, but i think that maybe this year we are being a little braver.

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I am so proud of you! You really are being brave!


facing a fear is one thing. but facing it and geting through ALL THE WAY to the other side is an awesome accomplishment.

i hope next time you feel like doing this again it's just that much easier.

Good job!!!! sorry it's still october with all it's bad memories and sorry you've not been feeling good. But I'm so glad that you're feeling a little more confident about making it through this year!!!

You. Are. Awesome.

Your Sis

Thank you!!

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