I have realize something the past few days. I dont need the approval or acceptance of anyone else in this world anymore. I used to need it really badly. But I have realized that I am accepted and loved by God. Since I have that, I don't need anyone else to approve of me to be okay. My husband has been trying to tell me this for about 15 years. But I finally get it. Because God, the God of the entire universe, accepts me and loves me, that is all I really need. Psalm 139 says that God searches me, knows me, and made me. He knew every stupid thing I was going to say and do before I was ever made. God knows when I sit up and when I lay down. God also knows my heart. And he loves me ANYWAY, despite everything I've done and said and every mistake I've made. I also don't have to be a victim anymore. I can do anything God asks me to with His help. God always gives me the strength I need even at the last minute to get through whatever He asks me to go through. That just is better than what the world can offer.

We are getting ready to go back to work in a couple of weeks. Next week I'm moving to a new school. A friend is coming to help me set up my classroom so that its more organized (I'm so lucky to have a friend who wants to be a professional organizer!) I hope that everything is going to go well at my new school. Last year was such a difficult year. I just want to put it all behind me. This year will be better I think. I've heard the other teachers in my grade level are really sweet so I am hoping to making friends with them.

By the way we did a Beth Moore Bible study over the past week. I don't know if anyone else knows about her website but she just rocks:

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I'm sure this school year will be great for you! You're sounding very positive and close to God -- I'm SO happy for that!!!

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