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From Joyce Meyer Ministries
Last Christmas near Kampala, Uganda, a young boy found a tiny crying newborn—umbilical cord still attached—on a banana plantation. What’s worse is this newborn girl lay on the plantation throughout the night while it rained.

The boy told his mother, who scooped up the baby and then brought her to the Bulrushes—a home for abandoned babies in Kampala, Uganda.

Fortunately, this newborn girl survived—in spite of the trauma of being abandoned. Thankfully we know and serve a God who does miracles through faithful people like those who run the Bulrushes home.

Raising Future Leaders in Uganda
Watoto Ministries, who founded the Bulrushes, believes in rescuing these little children so they can raise future leaders. They do this by providing love, security, hope, food, shelter, clothing and the hope of Jesus Christ.

And we at Joyce Meyer Ministries are honored to work alongside Watoto.

More than 90 babies laugh, crawl and cry at the Bulrushes. And each child is cared for by a mom. Each mom has 3 to 4 children. And throughout the early stages of his or her life, each baby stays with their mom, who provides consistency and security.

And once a child at the Bulrushes reaches a certain age, his mom takes him to the Watoto village nearby where he continues his education and training to someday become a leader in Uganda…whether he decides to become a doctor, soccer player, house painter…

Our Response to This Crisis
This story is repeated daily in Uganda where Watoto runs the Bulrushes babies home. The good news is that so many babies are rescued. The bad news is that the home is always at or above capacity.

By the close of January 2009, the Bulrushes was caring for 108 babies…6 of whom are HIV positive and one preemie undergoing intensive care. And there are new faces joining constantly.

Unfortunately, the Bulrushes has exceeded its ideal capacity. As a result, they have to turn away some babies.

That’s one of the reasons why Dave and Joyce, through Hand of Hope, decided to partner with Watoto and build a new babies home in war-torn northern Uganda.

Hand of Hope wants to give these helpless, neglected children a place where they can grow up with good food in their bellies, a safe place to sleep and a loving family to care for them.

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