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June 6, 2009

Playing Ball

Last week hubby and I went to the botanical gardens which are about 30 minutes from where we live. Its one of my favorite places to go because the gigantic flower gardens and trees are just so incredibly beautiful. Sometimes we take picnics and eat by the lake and watch the turtles swim. Last Saturday, we took a ball. Mae and my husband took the ball into the woods and played catch, and Mae actually talked to him and played with him. She was amazed that he actually realized it was him. I think that at one point he even asked if that's who she was, and she said yes. So for a while, instead of talking about anything grownup, which Mae finds to be a pain trying to do, they just talked about ball and the flowers and the trees and butterflies and bugs. I think that was good for her. She misses having Sharon to hang out with and talk to. She also misses hanging out with Tuck, because they just don't do that anymore... after the trauma of losing Sharon, things inside of us just changed so much that we don't seem to be able to do the things we used to do, and certain things just hurt too much and remind us too much of "the old days." We try not to do anything that would remind us of Sharon. But I think its good that 1)my husband actually acknowledged Mae the other day, and talked to her for who she was, and 2) she didn't have to pretend she was older than she was, because that was a relief for her.

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