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April 14, 2010

Food preferences and DID

Things have been pretty crazy around here the last several weeks.. We're trying to learn to cook, and have been doing a little better at eating. We're trying to eat more natural and organic foods, and less processed foods so that has been an adventure. Even eating fruits and vegetables almost every day. That's real progress. Its funny to see who likes what. Some of the inside kids refuse to eat certain things, while other inside kids love them. Its so strange. Then we found out that just about every time we go to therapy, Jadie and Kathy have oranges for a snack. NONE of the rest of us like oranges, but apparently, Jadie loves them. Which is especially odd because we can't think of any time in our life any of us has ever liked oranges or even orange juice. The closest we can think of is when Tang was invented in the late 70s or so and we used to like that...and that was only because the astronauts drank it ;)
So we're on this health food kick... which the kids are half-heartedly trying. And we found a trick just the other day to get them to eat apples (I, Carolineine, like apples, but the kids won't eat them)-- if we cut the apples into little diced pieces, and put them in a small kid-sized bowl, then the kids think its "fun" to eat them. So that's the new trick we're going to try with a LOT of things, including veggies.

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April 30, 2010

To Leave Comments for Pilgrim's Journey...

For some reason, no one has been able to leave comments on my blog for about a month or so, even though I have the box checked for enabling comments. I can't figure out how to fix it, so it must be a problem with the website.
If you want to leave comments for us, please e-mail them to myfaithlasts@yahoo.com and we will get them there. Thanks so much. Hopefully the editor of Healthdiaries will be able to get something fixed soon. :)

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