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November 10, 2010

Operation Christmas Child and Hand of Hope

Getting out and doing things for others was one of the most important and helpful things that got us out of the deep depression we used to be in. It used to be all of us, not just Jodie, that used to be all down & having a hard time all the time.
And one of the things that helped us the most was going out and doing things for other people. Getting our mind on other people, helping other people, focusing on someone else-- that got our mind off of ourselves. When we started focusing on others and trying to help other people have better lives, then we started seeing 1)how good we really do have it and 2) how much we really can do for someone else even if it was just a simple thing.

So i thought we would post 2 of our very favorite organizations that we are involved in

1. Operation Christmas Child http://www.samaritanspurse.org/index.php/OCC/
Very important right now as the collection days for the boxes are in Nov and Dec
all you do is pack a shoebox with toys/gifts/candies/etc and drop it off at certain locations- it is SO easy. The boxes are sent to over 130 countries and given to poor children around the world. You can pick a boy or a girl in different age groups. We LOVE doing this stuff-- the inside kids get really involved. It makes the kids that get the boxes SOOOO happy.You can pack 1 shoebox or 5 or 10, whatever-- even just 1 can make such a big difference.

2. Hand of Hope
http://www.joycemeyer.org/OurMinistries/HandOfHope/ This is another way to support not just kids but also families around the world, feed hungry kids, build orphanages, give clothing and supplies. This organization, just like the above Samaritans Purse, has 1 of the highest records of accountability and is so helpful to kids around the world

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November 23, 2010

United States of Tara/ Richard Kluft Interview --DID

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United States of Tara/ Richard Kluft Interview --DID

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United States of Tara/ Richard Kluft Interview --DID

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