attachment in therapy

on the internet there is a place where lots of people are talking about attachment and a place where lots of people are complaining about their therapists. but we dont have any complaints and we know that if you can manage to have a healthy attachment to someone (not some bizarre, unhealthy, twisted kind of thing) it can lead to a lot of good things.

claire wrote this (i fixed her typos) and i thought it was nice of her. maybe it can help some people.

this is what attached feels like.
We never felt attached to anyone ever. Til just the last few months.
Attached feels like warm, comfy. Like you can mostly count on someone, that you know they will do their best to help you out if they can. And even if they arent able to, they want to. Attached feels like you know they like you and love you and want the best for you and your life. That they want good things for you. That they dont gonna trick you or do bad things behind your back like other people. You know they dont think bad things about you. If you are sad or cry its ok with them. If you be mad its ok with them or if your are happy its ok. If you get mad at them its ok you can talk about it.h
Theyre safe with your feelings.
Thats what attached feel like. Its nice and not scary.

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