Counting down the hours

Right now there are seven hours until i get to my therapists office and i am just trying to make it until then.
This has been a tough month and this weekend has been the worst we have had in a long long time.
Since october things have been hard with working on memories and stuff.
Then this weekend i was stuck on the couch hecause my back hurt so bad i could hardly walk or move. As usual my husband was not there when i needed him because he was out helping other people. So i had no help around the house and tried to run the house from the couch. Doesnt work very well and i hurt sooooo bad.
People sometimes ask why dont i ask for help. What would be the point? There isnt any.
My back hurts so bad and i dont know what to do.
The flashbacks are kinda bad. This is a hard time of year for us plus there is some other stuff going on that we are really struggling with and dont k ow what to do about. Just feeling so very overwhelmed and wishing that for once, someone would come be our encourager, instead of Us being the one everyon e always comes to for help. Lately i dont have any answers anymore.

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