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Well I am completely exhausted, didn't get much sleep last night (up every 30 minutes to 2 hours), had a bunch of bad dreams.... and am ready to just sleep for about 5 days straight--- that must mean its time to head back to work! ;-p
We had an interesting vacation home with family. This was the 1st time, due to work schedules, that I spent Christmas at home with my husband. It was nice, and probably long overdue. Hard though.I really want to be at home with my family for Christmas too, like tradition has always been. And when I moved across the country 15 years ago, I promised my Grandma that I would ALWAYS be home for Christmas. It took more than one session with my therapist to convince me to entertain the idea that this was an okay thing to do. But everything worked out, and I had TWO nice Christmases at 2 houses this year.
Things have been very complicated inside. Lots of things in therapy that we don't talk about with anybody, even each other. Lots of secrets being told that we wish would stay secrets. Missy and the Bully are on a tear, yelling and screaming and punishing the kids a lot for talking. And at this time of year we really miss our old therapist Sharon, who dumped us on January 10... things are still hard from that sometimes. We miss her a lot even though our new therapist is so much better for us.
2010 was really hard. We don't remember much of it. We remember watching some of the winter Olympics, a little bit of summer time, holding the new baby, trying to deal with family problems. That's about it. But I think that 2011 will be better. Things are always getting better than they were before. We're going to work on getting back to college-- if we can finally figure out what we want to get our Master's degree in-- we've narrowed it down to 2 fields, at least, so that's a start. And I want to re-read our Bible thru' in a year like we did 2 years ago. We definitely need to work on getting along better (still!) and we need to get our back fixed-- I've been having pretty severe back problems which keep me in pain all the time now. I have 2 doctor appointments coming up. I think that 2011 will be a good year.

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