Therapy and D.I.D.

Just sitting here thinking about therapy. For some of the inside kids, therapy is something they look forward to all the time. For others, its something they dread. Some see it as a chance to finally spill the secrets they've held in for so long. Others see it as a threat to their safety-- their secrets they feel have kept them safe in their own world. I heard through the grapevine that our T made a comment the other day about why Jadie has made so much progress in the past year-- because every time she goes to see our T, she talks. She tells, in her own words and sounds, what happened to her. Of course, Jadie knows about 5 words. But she is certainly able to make known what she needs and wants. So Jadie has come a long, long way... even though she talks about the most painful stuff. She doesn't seem to be afraid to face it. Then there's Jodie, who hasn't changed a bit since 1989 and is still locked in the same holding pattern she's always been in. She holds a million painful secrets inside her but even when given the opportunity to talk, she still can't get them out. Too many things hold her back. So she doesn't make any progress, year after year. Its so strange, the differences. Everyone else inside is somewhere between Jadie and Jodie.
There are a lot of blocks in the process and it seems like it varies for each of us. What are your roadblocks in your therapy?
Here is a link to an article on blocks in therapy if you are interested in reading more.

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