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October 4, 2011

When your therapist is gone.....

Our therapist has been gone for a couple of months for a family emergency. It has been really hard. She is staying in contact the best she can which we really really appreciate. But its still hard to not have regular therapy. At least she is not doing like Sharon did and disappear completely. Its really nice that she calls us and emails us whenever she is able to. That helps a lot. Right now (October) is the toughest time of year for us so we are struggling quite a bit more. Its the same old same old-- you can look at ANY October from this journal and know what's going on right now.
On the positive side, we have the most amazing job in the world that we just love. We have an incredible boss and wonderful people to work with. We have good friends. Our family is all getting along. Things are going well. We just desperately miss our therapist.

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October 13, 2011

Survivor Forum

If you're a member of Survivor Forum that Kathy runs ... as you have probably noticed it is not up and running right now and you're getting an error page. Just wanted to let you know that its NOT being shut down...that Kathy didn't do that..she doesn't know why that page is coming up. In fact she is getting the same error message and doesn't know why. She is going to contact her IT guy and get it fixed as soon as possible. She is extremely busy with some personal business right now so it might take some time, but she doesn't have any plans to shut down SF... so hang in there...
In the mean time if you would like to join AMJ, our DID support forum, please come by and visit and we would love to have you :) The link is to the right.

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