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April 19, 2005

Blinding Pain

Sometimes its not just about your diet. Stress, lack of sleep, alcohol, etc can mount up so badly that, eventually, your weak IBS body will succumb. I succumbed -- to a blinding episode.

Here's the formula:
- Add one evening of less than 4 hours of sleep
- Combine with 2.5 hours (there and back - 5.0 total) to the mountains
- Shake in 7 hours of heavy snowboarding
- Let simmer with .5 hours of dealing with boy problems
- Next day, stir in organizing a birthday party, upset lost friends and shorted bill
- Top off with 3 Grey Goose Vodkas and an evening of flirtation that ends at 3am
Throwing up for 3 hours straight.... my body expels everything possible out of every orfice in my system... then blacking out for short spurts.

It's so hard to regulate my body and keep a sane balance. I think I can do it all and suddenly I get a awake up call. I get physically depressed after those episodes...sometimes I cry a little. Between feeling vulnerable, weak and very beaten, I get very lost from reality. Everyday things, going to work, eating, socializing, becomes pointless when you have to associate pain with it.
And I only have IBS.

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