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June 24, 2007

Birthday Wishes Flushed Down the Toilet

I'm 29 today. That means surviving another year living with chronic IBS. Of course, when you have IBS and chose to celebrate momentous occasions (like your last year as a 'twenty-something), you will inevitably suffer the consequences.
Lack of sleep, plenty of socializing, mixed with a healthy dose of alcohol meant that I spent Sunday afternoon in the bathroom. I always feign throwing up, but in reality I'm having another IBS episode brought on by the classic IBS trigger. This time around, nausea came along with the painful cramps as well as plenty of gas. It's never a good sign when you have to decide between throwing up and eliminating your bowels. Not to mention there is only one toilet bowl, so the decision has to be made fast.
Hours later, I went through my thoughtful gifts of clothes, purses, gift cards…. but what do I really want for my birthday? A new GI track thankyouverymuch.

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