December 8, 2005

On marriage and IP

ok... where to begin. Pete and i have talked about getting married and i knew it would eventually happen one day. Well, with me going inpatient in January, and not having any health insurance at the moment due to going back to school full-time days, i need to be on Pete's health insurance. The only way to do that is to get married.

We're not doing it JUST for the insurance (obviously), but it moved it up sooner than we'd planned. So, it's set for tomorrow. Dec. 9. We just finally told my parents about it on Tuesday evening. They took it rather well. At least, better than i expected. i really wasn't sure what to expect, i guess. My mom has a tendancy to react at one end of the spectrum or the other. No middle ground. They were surprised, naturally. Upset that they couldnt' be there (as we're just doing it at the courthouse now, and then in the summer having the actual wedding/reception.). We also went ahead and told them about Westwind, cause they weren't getting the whole insurance thing, and why i couldn't wait another couple of months until my own insurance at work kicked in. So, now they know all of it. They were happy about the marriage part, but rather..... hesitant (??) about IP. I got a barrage of questions and comments about it, wondering how their program would help me, why i thought things would change by going there....

i dunno.... just sorta felt like they didn't think i needed it. that i wasn't "sick" enough to 'deserve' help. And so my first thought now, is that I'll just prove them wrong. why? cause I'm a little fucked up in the head, i guess. (i've never denied that fact. LOL.) But then, at the same time-- i hear Nic's voice in my head telling me i shouldn't go that direction, cause it'll only make IP harder. We've already discussed this issue numerous times. But it doesn't make the desire for disappearance any less strong...

Posted by Wendy on December 8, 2005 9:16 AM

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Congrats and I wish you a very happy marriage. Do IP for you and never mind your parents you deserve only the best in life!


Thanks so much for posting.... it means a lot. :)

Posted by: Jenn at December 8, 2005 9:31 AM

go get better! Love ya! Happy wedding today tomorrow!! Love him bunches!!

V----- ((((HUGS))))

Big hugs for my favorite butterfly. [grin]
Still waiting for the rest of them to stop by and post here. :)


Posted by: V at December 8, 2005 1:03 PM

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