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August 2, 2008

New Poem, "Mirrors and Glass"

I haven't really posted much of my poetry on here, but thought I'd post this one.
I'd be interested in your thoughts on this.... Thanks!

Mirrors and Glass

Stare into mirrors, windows, glass--
any reflective surface and turn
like a ballerina on stage, searching
staring, looking for imperfections I believe
exist. Even if no one else can see.

It's not vanity, but I honestly can't see
what they all see, can't believe
in their mis-perceptions, their constant questions searching
for answers; for reason I can't give. Instead I turn--
silent-- and walk away. You can't put me under glass

and scrutinize me like a laboratory insect. Glass
kills when the reflection burns hot enough, turns
even the strong ones into dust. Leaves others searching
for the whys and hows, unsure what to believe.
Leaves them wondering how it's possible I can't see
the same truths, same perceptions they all see.

Each day, each night melts into another. Warps my beliefs
with misguided truth and leaves me searching
for an exit to this endless road, with its constant twists and turns.
How did I get back here again, staring into mirrors and glass
looking for answers to questions turning
circles in my mind; searching
for something else to believe in.

Open these eyes so I can see.
Convince me to believe
there's an end to this desperate search
for meaningless answers. Turn
my gaze from mirrors and glass
back towards something stronger.

June 21, 2008 (c. Wendy Bradley)

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