November 20, 2004

Well its the weekend

No snow....they said it would but now they are saying a cold rain....yay more rain......

My stomach is bothering me alot this morning. Not unusual.

Have to finish making a watch for my mom for her stocking. She loves Carnelian so I am making her a watch and there will be enough left over for a bracelet. Have a cab in its setting already so she has a set. Doubt she will wear it!

Better go get started on it!

Posted by Mel at 11:05 AM

August 13, 2004

More settled in

Have been here two weeks now. Still does not feel at home really but oh well.

My life has been messy lately. I'm having some major teeth problems and have a appointment Monday....wooooo.

Going to try Sunday to start something new. My food and diet has been out of control. Whatever fit into my mouth went into my mouth food wise. Its got to change.....I am miserable. Planning a weekly menu thing tomorrow and an exercise plan. May not be able to eat much of anything Monday.....I fear more than a couple of teeth are going to be pulled. Wooopeee.

Better get going and try to get to bed soon.

Posted by Mel at 11:28 PM

July 14, 2004


I am in the middle of moving and all the stuff that goes along with that. So I'll be gone for a while longer. After I settle in I'll update this more regularly.

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July 7, 2004

I suck at this

Well for at least right now. Between packing, cleaning and all
this other crap I just forget to post here.

Food hasn't been the best but for now I really don't care. My
mom and me are thinking about starting Atkins or South Beach after
we move in with my grandparents.

In about 2 thirds of a month we have to get moved and stuff....

As you can tell I have NEVER moved.

Posted by Mel at 1:38 PM

July 2, 2004

I think food is the devil

......well not really but it would be easy to think that way.

Today's evil was an offer for lunch from a Thai restaurant. Seafood pad Thai and a banker's special was split between the two of us.....along with a few shrimp rolls. Even though my stomach was upset last night I did it anyway. Will probably make me sick tonight.

Mowed half of the backyard. Took out both trash cans. Will be FINALLY mowing my grandpa's backyard tomorrow. Obstacles prevented it TWO days. Ugh!....Now it will be even hotter. Yuck.

Will try and write more later.

Posted by Mel at 4:00 PM