10 Foods That Cause Acid Reflux

Acid reflux is an uncomfortable health condition to have and there are certain types of foods that cause the symptoms of acid reflux to become worse. It is important to note that not every food that causes heartburn in one person will cause it in another person. If you have acid reflux, you should take note of the following seven foods that cause acid reflux, but also do a little bit of trial and error to see what causes your symptoms.

Many people experience acid reflux symptoms when they eat onions. Avoid onions as much as possible, especially raw onions.

Another good-for-you food that isn’t so good for acid reflux is garlic. Some people experience heartburn after eating a lot of the stinking rose.

Like onions and garlic, tomatoes are full of health benefits but are usually too acidic for people with acid reflux.

Spicy Foods
Eating spicy foods like peppers and chili may cause the stomach to become upset, which can result in the stomach acids irritating the esophagus. Try avoiding spicy foods and see if it helps your heartburn.

Fried Foods
Most people know that fried foods can cause acid reflux, but they don’t understand why. Foods that are high in trans fat slow down the digestive system, which may cause digestive juices to move back up the esophagus. Avoid eating foods such as French fries, doughnuts, egg rolls, and any food that has been deep fried in oil.

Baked Goods
Bakery produces baked foods such as brownies, cake, doughnuts, muffins and other sweet treats usually contain trans fats too. These foods also have high levels of preservatives and other unnatural ingredients, which may cause acid reflux to become worse.

Soda and Caffeine
Drinking soda and other carbonated beverages such as tonic water may increase your acid reflux symptoms, because the carbonation increases the pressure in the stomach. On top of that, caffeine, which is present in many sodas, can be a heartburn trigger. Coffee, iced tea, and any other caffeinated beverages are also potential culprits. Chocolate is another caffeine-containing food that you may want to avoid to alleviate symptoms.

Alcohol, especially when combined with other heartburn-causing foods like garlic and onions or tomatoes, can lead to acid reflux symptoms.

Animal Protein
Many people experience an increase in acid reflux when they are eating animal protein such as meat and dairy. These foods are very hard to digest and they slow down the digestive process, which may cause the acids to irritate the esophagus. Additionally, dairy foods such as milk and cheese cause the body to excrete extra stomach acids to aid digestion.

Citrus Fruit and Juice
Citrus fruits and juices are highly acidic and can cause heartburn in patients with acid reflux. Oranges, orange juice, and grapefruit can be triggers. If you have acid reflux and still want to enjoy citrus fruit, try eating it for dessert on a full stomach rather than on an empty stomach.

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