10 Fruits and Vegetables High in Vitamin E

10 Fruits and Vegetables High in Vitamin EVitamin E is actually a group of vitamins, most of which are not available in supplement form. Eating a variety of foods high in vitamin E allows the body to benefit from its anti-oxidative and anti-aging effects. Here are 10 fruits and vegetables high in vitamin E.

Almonds contain 35.9 mg per cup or 179% of the RDA.

Sunflower Seeds
Sunflower seeds contain 33.4 mg of vitamin E per cup of roasted kernels or 167% of the RDA.

Wheat Germ
Wheat germ contains 18.1 mg per cup or 90% of the RDA. Wheat germ oil contains 20.2 mg per tbsp or 101% of the RDA.

Roasted hazelnuts contain 15.3 mg per cup or 76% of the RDA.

Spinach contains 3.7 mg per cup or 19% of the RDA.

Swiss Chard
Swiss chard contains 3.3 mg per cup or 17% of the RDA.

Mango contains 1.8 mg per cup or 9% of the RDA.

Jumbo olives contain 1.7 mg per 100 grams or 8% of the RDA.

Papaya contains 1 mg per cup or 5% of the RDA.

Blueberries contain 0.8mg per cup or 4% of the RDA.

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