20 Facts About Apples

The average person eats 65 apples per year.

Apples float because 25% of their volume is air.

The largest apple ever picked weighed three pounds, two ounces.

One medium apple contains about 80 calories.

The word apple comes from the Old English aeppel.

The Celtic word for apple is abhall.

Quercetin is found only in the apple skin. The skin also contains more antioxidants and fiber than the flesh.

China produces more apples than any other country.

Washington, New York, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and California are the top 5 apple-producing states in the U.S. In all, 36 states produce apples commercially.

The apple is the official state fruit of Washington, New York, Rhode Island, and West Virginia.

There are more than 7500 varieties of apples grown in the world. About 2500 varieties are grown in the United States.

Red Delicious is the most popular and most-produced apple in the United States. Golden Delicious is the second most popular.

The only apple native to North America is the crabapple.

Half the United States apple crop is turned into apple products like applesauce and apple juice.

Apple trees don’t bear their first fruit until they are four or five years old.

Archaeologists have evidence of people eating apples as far back as 6500 B.C.

20 Facts About PineapplesThe more apples a person eats, the lower his or her risk of developing lung cancer.

Johnny Appleseed was the nickname for John Chapman, a kind and generous American pioneer born in 1774 who planted apple seeds in Ohio, Indiana, and Illinois.

Contrary to popular belief, there is no mention of an apple as the forbidden fruit in the Bible. It is referred to as “fruit from the Tree of Knowledge” with no specification as to which kind of fruit. It was Hugo Van Der Goes who first implicated the apple as the forbidden fruit in his 1470 A.D. painting, The Fall of Man. After that, it became popular to depict the apple as the forbidden fruit.

The Adam’s apple is so-called because of a popular idea that it was created when the forbidden fruit got stuck in Adam’s throat when he swallowed it.

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i love apples. you know that if you eat an apple befor you go to sleep it whitens your teeth.

I eat over 65 apples a year! i love apples

Hooray apples.

heyy i like the apple facts
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