5 Best Evening Primrose Oil Supplements

Evening primrose oil (EPO) has many health benefits, including skin health, hair health, menstrual and PMS relief, and much more. If you’re ready to try EPO, here is a list of the 5 best evening primrose oil supplements according to user reviews on Amazon.

1. Barlean’s Organic Oils Organic Evening Primrose Oil
Barleans Organic Evening Primrose OilThe best evening primrose oil supplement according to user reviews is Barlean’s Organic Oils Organic Evening Primrose Oil. They are organic and made in the USA. The outside of the capsules are darkened with caramel color in order to darken them, which protects the fatty acids in the oil. If you don’t want to consume caramel color on the capsule, but still want to take advantage of the organic evening primrose oil inside of them, you can puncture the capsule and squeeze the oil out.

Reviews say: “purest form,” “wonderful product,” eases “hot flashes,” “hair is coming back,” “worked for me,” “great organic oil,” “my skin glows,” plaque psoriasis “is 95% gone” after six months of use, and “will order again.”

2. NOW Foods Evening Primrose Oil
NOW Foods Evening Primrose OilThe second best evening primrose oil supplement according to reviews is NOW Foods Evening Primrose Oil. These are a very affordable option.

Reviews say: “cured my heavy periods,” “give these a try,” “immediate relief” for breast tenderness, “great for PMS,” “best priced option,” “not disappointed,” and “best product.”

3. Royal Brittany Evening Primrose Oil Super Potency 1300 mg
Royal Brittany Evening Primrose OilThird is Royal Brittany Evening Primrose Oil. This brand uses a hexane free extraction method and is free of all chemical solvents.

Reviews say: “consider these essential,” hair “isn’t breaking as much,” “value is excellent,” “curbs emotional flare-ups,” “actually works,” and “works well for rosacea.”

4. Nature’s Way Cold Pressed Evening Primrose Oil
Natures Way Evening Primrose OilNext is Nature’s Way Cold Pressed Evening Primrose Oil. It is cold pressed from non-GMO evening primrose seeds.

Reviews say: “seems to help my hormones,” “excellent for PMS,” “reduced menstrual cramping,” and “helped me greatly.”

5. Spring Valley Evening Primrose Oil
spring valley evening primrose oilFinally, we have Spring Valley Evening Primrose Oil. It comes in 1000 mg soft gels. Reviews are a bit more mixed on this one.

On the positive side, they say: “great product,” “helped my mood swings,” “less expensive” than some other brands, and “great supplement.” The negative reviews say: “messed up my cycle,” “doesn’t work,” and “not packaged effectively.”

Let us know which of these evening primrose supplements you’ve tried in our comment section or let us know about ones not listed here.

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