6 Best Manuka Honey According to Reviews

Manuka honey is one of nature’s best healing foods. It is a specialized raw honey made by bees that pollinate the Manuka bush in New Zealand. It can be used to treat infections, acid reflux, stomach ulcers, sore throats, acne, and much more. Even some hospitals are bandaging patients’ wounds with Manuka in order to prevent MRSA and other infections.

If you’ve decided to tap into the power of the bees and buy some Manuka, we’ve created this list of the highest rated Manuka honey for sale on Amazon according to reviews. The important thing to keep in mind is that you want to buy one with a UMF rating higher than 10 so you’ll be getting all of the medicinal properties you possibly can.

Manuka honey is expensive but most people (including me) who’ve used it say it’s worth the money and a lot less expensive in the long run than antibiotics or other medications. (Not to mention the side effects those drugs may have.) Of course, you should always consult your doctor before stopping any medications or treating yourself with alternative remedies.

Here are the 6 best Manuka honey according to reviews on Amazon.

1. Wedderspoon Raw Organic Manuka Honey Active 16+
Wedderspoon Manuka 16The highest rated manuka honey on Amazon is Wedderspoon Raw Organic Manuka Honey Active 16+, 17.6-Ounce Jar with 164 five star reviews and 30 four star reviews out of a tota of 220 reviews as of this writing. Indeed, Wedderspoon is considered by many to be one of the best Manuka honeys on the market.

Reviewers say that it is “excellent quality,” stomach pain is “gone,” “calms my heartburn,” “very pleased with this honey,” “cleared up my eczema,” and “pain free for the first time in years,” flavor is “to die for,” “more restful sleep,” “a cure-all,” and “worth every penny.”

2. Manuka Health Active MGO 400+ (Old 20+) Manuka Honey
Active MGO manukaNumber two on the list is Active MGO 400+ (Old 20+) Manuka Honey 100% Pure by Manuka Health New Zealand Ltd. – 8.75 oz jar.

Reviewers said it “curbed my acid reflux,” “coughing bouts are much less,” “expensive but worth it,” “cheaper than doctor visit,” and “great healing benefits.”

3. Wedderspoon Raw Organic Manuka Honey Active 12+
Wedderspoon manuka 12+Third is another from Wedderspoon, Wedderspoon Raw Organic Manuka Honey Active 12+ (500g), 17.6-Ounce Jar.

Reviewers said this was “good stuff,” “really helped a lot,” “just amazing,” “all the symptoms disappeared,” “taste is just amazing,” and “will buy it again.”

4. East Cape New Zealand Manuka Honey UMF 15+
East Cape ManukaNext is East Cape New Zealand Manuka Honey UMF 15+ 17.6 oz size. This Manuka comes with an analysis report from Hill Laboratories verifying that it is what it says it is.

Reviews said it is the “best Manuka Honey on the market,” “high quality,” “really worked for me,” “effective and delicious,” “eyelids started to clear up,” and the price was “well worth it.”

5. Airborne New Zealand Manuka Honey
Airborne Manuka HoneyFifth on the list is Airborne New Zealand Manuka Honey 18oz. According to the company, their manuka honey always scores as having anti-bacterial properties beyond regular honey on a level of 8-12. They claim their honey is naturally dark, unlike other brands that sell their manuka in brown jars to make it look darker.

Reviewers said it is “sooo delicious,” “absolutely fantastic,” “kosher certified,” “soothing,” and “will be a repeat customer.”

6. Haddrell’s of Cambridge 100% Raw UMF 16+ Active Manuka Honey
Haldrells Manuka HoneyFinally, there’s Haddrell’s of Cambridge 100% RAW UMF 16+ ACTIVE MANUKA HONEY.

On the positive side, reviewers said: “it is working wonders for me,” “I’m hooked,” and “wonderful and very healing.” On the negative side, one person said it is “not the best manuka” and has a “flimsy lid.”

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