6 Health Benefits of Cumin

benefits of cuminCumin is the second most popular spice in the world (black pepper is the most popular) and is commonly used in Mexican, Indian, Middle Eastern, and North African cuisine. It’s what gives taco meat its signature flavor. But while it can be used to add amazing zing to dishes, it also packs many powerful health benefits.

Here are six health benefits of cumin.

Energy Booster
Cumin is a great source of iron, which helps to maintain healthy energy levels. Iron improves blood flow throughout the body to increase oxygen delivery on a cellular level.

Cancer Prevention
Cumin has been found in studies to have potent anti-cancer properties. One study found that it may have protective effects against stomach and liver cancer. This is probably thanks to its free radical fighting properties. Free radicals can contribute to cancer development and growth, so consuming foods and herbs that fight free radicals can help to prevent cancer and other illnesses.

Digestive Health
Cumin is beneficial for the digestive system, helping with the symptoms of nausea, indigestion, diarrhea, and flatulence. Cumin contains “thymol”, a compound that stimulates stomach acid production and allows the body to get maximum nutrition from food.

Cumin increases the heat in the body, boosting the metabolism as well as improving kidney and liver function. This can help the body get rid of impurities, which will decrease the chances of disease in the body.

Skin Health
Getting rid of toxins within the body can also reduce the incidence of skin problems. Breakouts such as blemishes, rashes, and boils are usually a result of the body trying to remove waste in the body and using cumin may reduce these symptoms because the waste is efficiently taken care of through the digestive system.

Increased Lactation
In addition to increasing energy, the iron in cumin may also be beneficial for lactating mothers because it may help to increase milk production. The thymol in cumin may be another reason why milk production is increased, because it stimulates gland secretion.

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