6 Health Benefits of Iodine

Health Benefits of IodineIodine is a known as a “trace element,” which is needed for development and growth within the body. It is absolutely critical that human gets enough iodine in their diet in order to ensure proper thyroid function which can affect many other elements of health.

Here are six important health benefits of iodine.

Healthy Thyroid
Consuming enough iodine ensures that the thyroid is functioning properly and when the thyroid is working it balances hormones within the body. These hormones directly affect the metabolic rate in the body, so it is essential that iodine is available in order to maintain a basic metabolic rate.

Energy Levels
When the metabolic rate is maintained, it results in higher energy levels. This occurs as a result of optimal usage of nutrients and calories.

Reproductive Health
Another aspect of healthy hormones is reproductive health. Iodine assist in the maturity of the reproductive organs and it is absolutely essential that pregnant women get enough iodine in their diet to prevent birth defects.

Cancer Prevention
Nutritional benefits within the iodine can affect cancer and it has been found that iodine actually helps to remove damaged cells that cause cancer. When iodine is used, cancer cells may shrink or be replaced with healthier cells.

Getting rid of waste within the body is an important part of living and iodine actually helps to remove toxins that are in the body. It is especially effective against certain toxic chemicals such as mercury, lead, and fluoride, which are commonly found in our modern environment.

Healthy Hair and Nails
The trace element of iodine may assist in nail and hair growth. When a person does not have enough iodine within their body, it may result in hair loss or hair thinning. On the other hand, a sufficient amount of iodine in the body may promote healthy hair and nail growth.

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