7Up – Natural or Unnatural?

7Up and its makers Cadbury Schweppes have been trying to convince everyone with a new advertising campaign that 7Up is “100% Natural.” However, they’ve left in the very unhealthy high fructose corn syrup. Now the Center for Science in the Public Interest is taking them to task, saying 7Up cannot be called 100% natural if it contains high fructose corn syrup.

“Pretending that soda made with high fructose corn syrup is ‘all natural,’ is just plain old deception,” said CSPI executive director Michael F. Jacobson. “High fructose corn syrup isn’t something you could cook up from a bushel of corn in your kitchen, unless you happen to be equipped with centrifuges, hydroclones, ion-exchange columns, and buckets of enzymes.” (Washington Post)

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Maybe the name “natural” is a misnomer but the point of creating Natural was to remove the preservative Potassium benzoate which when combined with Ascorbic acid could break down to form Benzene an aggressive carcinogen. So you can bitch about the corn syrup but I for one am just glad they took the Potassium benzoate out. People drink soda for its sweetness. If you took out the corn syrup you wouldn’t have soda and at least it is not a carcinogen.

You want all natural lemon-lime? Avoid any American brand. Try Jarritos Li`mon flavour. For orange, there is Jarritos Mandarina, and tons of other great flavours from South of the Border. If the Mexicans can make soda right, why can’t we?

I have been concerned for a couple years, and just two weeks ago I started a blog about this (hfcs.ericchenault.com). 7Up is not the only one doing this. Snapple “All Natural” Lemon Iced Tea contains high-fructose corn syrup. Arizona “100% All Natural” Green Tea with Honey contains high-fructose corn syrup. This is a huge and growing problem (whether you believe HFCS is related to obesity or not). The bottom line is, if you have ANY processed food or drinks, you MUST read the ingredients. Our food labeling laws are not what they should be and you cannot rely on any… Read more »

Yes,We were having dinner and I proudly introduced the 100% natural drink to my family as I drank It I thought”Wow” this is really good,then I read the back of the bottle and And I felt like an Idiot for believing in the first place,HELLO HIGH FRUCTOSE is BAD!!!!!

Hi Joanne,

This site is not affiliated with 7up in any way, but yes, the new all “natural” 7up has high fructose corn syrup in it.

Does your new all natural 7up soda pop contain high fructose corn syrup? Thanks.

I’ve been leery of anything containing HFCS or partially-hydrogenated oil for about 2 years now. So, when I saw the ad, my first thought was “I’ll bet they’ve still got HFCS in it”.

[sighs and shakes head sadly ad the predictability of it all]

Knew it was too good to be true! Wish we get get rid of useing the corn syrup. It’s even in breads

THANK YOU!!!!!! I was like 100% natural? Let’s see… high fructose corn syrup, natural? Since when?! LOL!!! THANK YOU!!!!!!!