8 Food Sources of Lycopene

Food Sources of LycopeneLycopene is a phytochemical responsible for the vibrant color in fruits and vegetables like tomatoes and papayas. It is actually sold as a food coloring, yet it has significant potential in its ability to ward off illness, most notably prostate cancer.

Many nutritionists recommend about 6-10mg of lycopene per day for those who want to benefit from its protective effects and you can get your share from these 8 fruits and vegetables. Here are 8 food sources of lycopene.

Watermelon contains about 7,000 mcg of lycopene per cup.

Guava contains 5,204 mcg per cup.

Tomatoes contain 4,630 mcg per cup.

Rose Hips
Rose Hips contain 1,290-3,520 mcg per 10 grams.

Papaya contains 2,600 mcg per cup.

Red Grapefruit
Red grapefuit contains 1,453 mcg per cup.

Bell Peppers
Red bell pepper contains 460 mcg per cup.

Asparagus contains about 50 mcg per cup.

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