8 Health Benefits of Kombucha Tea

kombucha-teaYou’ve probably seen the bottles of Kombucha tea for sale at the health food store and maybe you’ve even tried it. Many people cringe when they hear about the ingredients in Kombucha, which is made with yeast, bacteria, tea, and a little bit of sugar. Even though it doesn’t sound very good, it has been consumed for centuries for its health benefits.

Most of the health benefits listed below are anecdotal because few studies have been done to date on Kombucha. We’re simply sharing the popular health benefits that many people have experienced when drinking it. While many people have reported positive health effects from Kombucha, some people have reported adverse effects from drinking it. As with any product or food, some people may have an allergy or sensitivity to it.

You can make your own Kombucha tea but we don’t recommend doing so unless you learn how to do it from an expert because homemade Kombucha can have dangerous contaminants.

Here are 8 health benefits of Kombucha tea.

Digestive Support
Kombucha contains probiotics that may help to improve the function of the digestive system. Drinking Kombucha tea may also help to boost the metabolism so that you can effectively process proteins and fats.

Weight Loss
The digestive benefits of drinking Kombucha tea may also provide another positive side effect: weight loss. When you are able to efficiently digest your food, it is easier to lose weight.

Immune System
Because of the healthy bacteria (probiotics) and the other digestive benefits it contains, Kombucha tea may help to boost the immune system. One of the most important elements of maintaining a healthy immune system is keeping a good balance of healthy bacteria in your digestive tract.

Removing toxins from the body can be beneficial for many different health conditions and detoxification needs to occur on a regular basis. Your body will naturally remove toxins from the body but you may be able to increase toxin removal by drinking things that contain probiotics like Kombucha tea.

pH Levels
Maintaining a slightly acidic pH level is essential for numerous health and organ functions within your body and Kombucha tea is a great way to balance those pH levels. Kombucha tea is slightly alkaline and creating an alkaline environment will prevent many types of illness and disease.

Skin Tone
When toxins are removed from your body, your skin is less likely to break out because there aren’t as many toxins to cause blemishes. Drinking Kombucha tea can help to treat acne and it is also great for improving skin firmness and overall complexion.

Energy Booster
Many people report that Kombucha tea makes them feel better, gives them more energy, and helps them sleep better at night.

Cancer Prevention and Treatment
While there are no scientific studies proving that Kombucha can help in the fight against cancer, there are many anecdotal stories suggesting that it can help. The Mayo Clinic, American Cancer Society, and other experts say that there’s no evidence that Kombucha has an effect on cancer. Understandably, these types of organizations are wary about recommending things that have not been studied. However, many home remedies that have been around for hundreds of years and have been found to be beneficial were eventually studied and were found to be beneficial. Some ancient medical treatments have been around for centuries for a reason – because they work. Therefore, we suggest doing your own research on the history and use of Kombucha in the treatment of cancer and making an informed decision based on that research.

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