The 9 Best Vitamins For Weight Loss

Best Vitamins for Weight LossThe most effective way to lose weight is to strictly follow an active weight loss program that involves plenty of exercise and a nutrient rich diet while watching calories. Vitamins can aid in weight loss by boosting energy levels, lowering stress, burning fat and helping with digestion. Here are the 9 best vitamins for weight loss (well, there are some minerals thrown in there, too!)

Vitamin B Complex
Vitamin B Complex is a group of 8 B vitamins, each of which serves the body in different ways. They are very important in assisting with weight loss because they help the body to convert carbohydrates into energy. They also help the liver process toxins, aid in digestion and contribute to fat metabolism. They are also known to help reduce stress, which has been linked with over eating.

Vitamin D
Weight loss studies have found that participants who took vitamin D supplements lost more weight than those who took a placebo. Likewise, those who took higher amounts of vitamin D lost more weight than those who took lower doses. Vitamin D can also improve the absorption of calcium, which may also help with weight loss.

Vitamin C
Studies show that vitamin C can contribute to weight loss by enhancing the results of exercise, increasing energy and boosting calorie burning. While scientific evidence does not prove that taking high doses of vitamin C supports weight loss in healthy individuals, vitamin C deficiency has been shown to slow the metabolism and contribute to gaining unwanted weight.

Research has found a correlation between calcium and weight loss. While studies are conflicting, many point to calcium supplements and calcium rich foods as being good weight loss aids. Proponents contend that calcium may play a role in the breakdown and storage of fats.

Chromium is needed for weight loss because it helps the body break down fats and carbohydrates. It also works with insulin to process glucose and produce energy.

Choline is technically not a vitamin, but it is an essential nutrient often grouped with B vitamins. It is needed for effective weight loss because it helps the body process fats. Without it, fats are trapped in the liver and fat metabolism is hindered.

Zinc is needed for the proper function of the thyroid as well as insulin regulation. Poor function of either of these can greatly hinder the metabolism. Thereby, avoiding zinc deficiency may help to prevent gaining unwanted weight.

Manganese can aid in weight loss because it assists in the burning of carbohydrates and fat metabolism.

Magnesium deficiency has been associated with the inability to effectively burn fat and lose weight. It plays an important role in the body’s hydration system as well as energy production. It is needed to maintain a proper metabolic rate, making fat metabolism very difficult without it.

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