At “Eat This!,” we believe that eating healthy is one of the most important ways to prevent disease, keep in shape, slow the aging process and keep our minds healthy into old age, keep our hair and skin youthful, reduce aches and pains, and makes us feel good with abundant energy.

What will you find in this section? We publish articles about different foods and how they affect your health, recipes, articles about different diets (from vegetarian to low carb and everything in between), food news, information about the latest food studies in relation to health, cooking and food preparation tips, and lots more.

Whether you’re already following a healthy eating plan or are planning to make a change in your diet, we know you’ll find something of interest. We’re not doctors and we can’t give medical advice, but we believe that sharing what we know about food and health and letting you share your experiences, too, will bring us all a step closer to vibrant health.